Trio ACO - Blue Shield of California(Broker Portal)
Using the census qualification tool is simple.
  1. Enter or paste ZIP codes into the tool (one ZIP code per employee or subscriber)
  2. Add in any account information that you want to show up on the map
  3. Hit the “Process” button
  4. Click the PDF button to generate a report
  5. Select whether you want to create a map (with or without competitive HMO plan facilities)

None of the information that you enter is collected by this tool
For assistance with this tool or more information about Trio ACO HMO,
please contact your Blue Shield of California sales executive.
To use this tool, simply:
  • Enter zip code(s)
  • Click Process for results
  • Click Clear to start over
  • Simply roll over the icons on the map to get additional information.
Welcome to the Trio ACO HMO census qualification tool.* It's a fast and easy way to determine if Trio ACO HMO is a fit for an employer’s population. And don’t worry – no information is collected or stored.
With this tool, you can produce PDF reports to show how an employer's census aligns with our:
  • HMO plans
  • ACO Independent Practice Associations (IPAs)
* This tool is for reference only and is not a final determination of eligibility.
Plus, you can create a customized Google map that shows:
  • The employer’s census
  • Trio ACO providers and hospitals
  • Competing HMO plan facilities (if selected)
Group information(Optional, will appear on the PDF report and Google map key, if desired)
Estimated distribution by ACO IPAs
ACO medical group
Estimated distribution by Blue Shield HMO plan
ZIP code
SaveNet HMO
Access+ HMO
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